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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  July 3, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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it doesn't happen often: hot and su ly good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. it doesn't happen often. hot and sunny for the fourth of july weekend, all over the bay
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area. people are taking advantage of it. don knapp is in walnut creek where temperatures hit triple digits today. it's not unusual to see these temperatures, but just a few weeks ago in june it was raining and we were wondering if summer would ever come. well, it has, and people have scattered looking for ways to stay cool. the hot holiday weekend put a lot of people in the pool while others headed for shade. phil sims sent the kids to the pool while the family members tossed meat on the grill. >> we sent the kids to the raging waters, and when they coming be, the food -- come back, the food will be ready. >> this is a spare-the-air day.
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bad air is being trapped. no one is saying don't barbecue, but do it with consideration. >> it's better to use your gas grill. thatthat's less polluting than charcoal. if you're going to use a charcoal grill, it's important to not use lighting fluid to start it. >> use public transit and give the car a rest, if you can. it was predicted we would get a break sooner or later and the bad air would blow away. now the spare-the-air day has been canceled for the fourth of july. lake tahoe snow. despite the warm stuff -- white stuff, it's warm there to. skiers were wearing beach wear with their ski and snowboards.
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the snow doesn't even look slushy. ann? >> thank you very much. let's get to erica martin. what can we expect? >> condition as lot warmer. conditions are cooler up there. we are seeing clear sky conditions. there's some pollutants trapped at the surface. we can still see it's unhealthy for the valley. when i see you next, i will give you my forecast. ann, back to you. with the hot weather, it's a good idea. leave the fireworks to the experts. we have a list of where to see them all over the bay area. fireworks may have sparked a fire that torched dozens of cars in south san francisco this afternoon. the fire broke out in a car rental lot on mitchell avenue near harris behind the san francisco airport. the flames damaged as many as 37 cars on the grassy lot
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leased by hertz rent a car. it took hours to get the fire under control. firefighters originally responded to a grass fire this afternoon, but by the time they got to the parking lot, they found about ten vehicles already on fire and the flames quickly spreading. >> the wind blowing in the northeast direction that it is was catching the grass underneath the vehicles because it's not a paved parking lot. so it was catching more and more vehicles. so we were chasing a grass fire under vehicles that were then catching on fire afterwards. >> they say it did not threaten a nearby motel 6, but they evacuated as a precaution. from clothes to cars, practically everything you buy will cost you less, starting today. while the drop in the state sales tax usually equals a few cents saved, the different is for big ticket items.
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>> seems like a good day to shop for a car. >> reporter: why? >> we heard the taxes dropped. >> reporter: this is the first weekend to take the advantage. >> it's 1% on a whole bunch. so you're going to save money. >> reporter: many people didn't know it. >> it came at the right time. >> reporter: last week it was 8.25. today it's 7.25. it's now between 7.25 and 9.75%, depending on where you shop. the down side is driving the state further into debt, losing out on $5 billion this fiscal year alone. >> it's not what you have, but how you manage what you have. if you look historically over the years, the state has been a very poor manager. 1% is not an incentive for me enough to go two, three, $400 in debt. >> reporter: but if you need to
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buy it anyway, it's not a bad deal. how much was this. >> $200. >> reporter: so you saved $2. >> and i bought a coke with the $2 i saved. >> hopefully it drives people back in and drives the economy up. >> reporter: depending on where that extra money savings ends up. >> we haven't decided. >> reporter: i think you're going to let her decide. >> i want to holiday in mexico. i've been talking about doing that. how about we do that next? >> i don't think we're saving that much money. anne makovec, cbs 5. checking other headlines, the sea plane that crashed friday night in richardson bay has been located. the pilots attempt to take off and failure was captured on video. it nosed into the choppy waters. the pilot and passenger were rescued by boaters.
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workers are removing it. a crop dusting helicopter is lucky to be alive after crashing in brentwood. the chopper came down hard at 6:30 in morning. the pilot was medevaced, but first responders tell our partners that his injuries were not serious. the faa is investigating. san francisco to recreate the world cup enthusiasm from a year ago by showing the women's games in civic center plaza starting on saturday. that's when the fifa women's world cup begins. soccer fans can own joy other games and food trucks. why drivers need to be extra cautious on the roads tonight and tomorrow. a population explosion in the heart of the silicon valley. the one group you never think
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weekend. from fri more drunken driving arrests in the bay area this
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fourth of july weekend. from friday night until yesterday morning, highway patrol officers arrested 67 people suspected of driving under the influence. that's ten more arrests than the same time period last fourth of july weekend. dui arrests are also up statewide. no word yet if alcohol was a factor in a car crash that killed a fremont man in richmond this morning. a woman was killed by an amtrak train in the east bay. she was struck on the tracks near carlson. no one on the train was hurt, but the incident caused delayed all morning. well, a young mountain lion attacked a deer, prompting police to issue a warning to people in the area. animal control spotted the injured deer on the 5800 block of charles avenue on friday.
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cougars rarely attack people, but as a caution, police are telling people to be aware. a 300-year-old tree in san mateo county may be saved. the tree is nicknamed granny and it was going to be knocked down to make room for a road. if a nonprofit takes responsibility for the tree and the land around it, it would consider tunneling under the tree to install the line, even if it's more expensive. santa clara county is known for the home of the young tech entrepreneurs, but the elderly make up for the county's population. according to a report on the silicone valley council of aging, the elderly increased 52% and the number of people between 55 and 65 increased more than 37%. over the next decade, the
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number of people over 60 will nearly double. an incredible story out of china tonight, a 2-year-old girl fell from a 10th floor balcony and was caught by a woman standing below. the woman says she saw the child dangling from a balcony, and when she fell, the woman sprinted into place. the impact broke the woman's arm and the child suffered some internal injuries, but both are recovering. the rescuer said all she could think of was her own baby, and she didn't hesitate to help. under a blanket of extreme heat, erica martin has the forecast next. plus, chilling for some jazz. we need that. streets ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of san francisco's fillmore district today. this is the art and soul fills the street of san francisco today. this is the philmore jazz festival and people grooved to live music. the event organizers say it draws about 90,000 visitors, making it one of the biggest free jazz festivals on the west coast. beautiful day there. a lot of us already thinking about tomorrow, fourth of july, fireworks, parade, and heat. >> we did see triple digits today. now what we can expect tomorrow, cooler temperatures. we're still going to feel really warm, but cooler temperatures are on the way. let's take a look outside. beautiful shot of the bay this. we see patchy fog that's starting to build tonight. it's going to be a thin layer
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that mixes out as the sun comes out. here's a look at our spare-the- air forecast. unhealthy for santa clara valley. the high ridge is going to push off to the east. we have this low that's going to push down and cool temperatures by tomorrow. here's a look at the area starting to build. it's light and will fade out as the sun comes out tomorrow. we'll see a wonderful, wonderful view of the fireworks. 80 for oakland. 75 for redwood city. san jose warmer at 90 degrees. the highs, triple digits for santa rosa. conditions for today were very warm indeed. what we can expect for this evening, low 50s. sea breeze will start to pick up along the coast and of course that patchy fog will be
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later tonight. i bumped this up to 100 degrees. low 60s to triple digits, hot inland, but we don't have that heat advisory for tomorrow. here's a look at the pollen report. high for grasses. low for trees and molds. tomorrow we're going to see 60s for the coast, 87 for fremont, 70s for the bay area. brentwood could push 100. i did leave it more conservative at 99 degrees. san rafael, 90. here's a look at the extended forecast. we're going to feel a cooldown. some clouds that may start to pick up as well due to the fact we have a flow making its way in on the trails of that tropical storm arlene, but we see that cool down there by the end of the work week. high 80s inland for next weekend. >> the key tonight is most people tomorrow night will see
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fireworks? >> yes, it's going to also be a little cooler. >> we'll take that. >> all right. >> thank you very much. all right. kim is joining us for baseball. always a great fourth of july sport. >> you better get out and see them because they're getting ready for the all-star break. brian wilson apologizes to the water cooler in his own way. and -- was named to the all- star team, but did he pitch like one. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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djokovic -- who's only lost once
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a lot of great baseball stuff to talk about, but, first, we're talking about a new no. 1 in the tennis world. if you win wimbeldon, you can celebrate any way you like. novak djokovic who has only lost once all year will be the new no. 1 in the world when the rankings are released tomorrow. the best way to celebrate that, a champion -- at wimbeldon. nadal has never lost at a grand slam. djokovic took the first set. great point in the second. he goes up two to one. don't celebrate too soon. nadal won the next one. it's djokovic in the far court doing it, classing it down. he goes up 5-3. now serving for the championship. he can taste it, literally. nadal hits long and djokovic collapses on the court. he wins wimbeldon in four sets,
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and he fully embraces the moment, grabbing some of the grass and eating it. he said that it tasted good. >> it's really hard to describe this with any words except the best day of my life, the most special day of my life. this is my favorite tournament, the tournament i always dreamt of winning, the first tennis tournament i ever watched in my life. i think i'm still sleeping. i think i'm still having my dream. >> one of the benefits of going to the world series is that bruce bochy gets to manage the national all-stars next week, and he gets to round out the roster with a few giants. no giants' position players were named to the club, but closer brian wilson was voted in by the players. bochy add three of his teammates. vogelsong, matt cain and tim lincecum. brian wilson makes nice with
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the water cooler. ryan vogelsong has a lead in the fourth until brandon boss drives one down to the right and hits a spare pole for a home run. the g-men answer back in the fifth. it take as funny hop. pablo sandoval scores. it's 3-1. to the seventh, it's 3-2. this should end the inning, but sandoval can't scoop it out of the dirt and they stay alive. one run scores to tie it. aaron rowand's throw is not in time. rowands line drives and it has extra base hits all over it. but he doesn't get the message. rayburn catches it and giants
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lose 6-3. gio gonzalez will be the only one making the trip to arizona for the green and gold. after today's start, gio has third lowest e.r.a. in the american league. he kept all the diamondbacks off balance all afternoon. gio strikes out seven and allows one run in seven innings. the last couple games he's allowed one run or less. then, de jesus lines one into the gap. finally some life shown out of de jesus. then in the sixth, the as pour it on. conor jackson burns his former team. only the second for jackson. now, scott sizemore joins the party and hits a blast off ian kennedy. the swinging as count out ten hits and beat the diamondbacks 7-2 and take the series. a big day for gonzalez.
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>> i was sleeping and bob kept calling me. he called five times. i was like, who is this? he said it's bob, your manager. congratulations, you're an all- star. i'm definitely going to celebrate with my family tonight and enjoy it, probably take them to a nice restaurant. hopefully mcdonald's sounds good. >> good call. all right. pga final round of the at&t national. nick watney hit as spectator. watney, of course, all class, making sure the fan is okay and thanking him for having a hard head. after shooting a course record of 62 yesterday, watney follows up today and takes the win. it's his second win of the year. he beats k.j. choi by two strokes. stage two of the tour de france, the team's time trial covering 14 miles. the best time was set, pushing thor -- into the overall tour
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lead. as they celebrate on the podium, they lift team manager onto their shoulders. it's their team's first ever stage victory. finally women's world cup, the former star of the pride not called for a foul. check out the sequence of moves, she finally puts it back into the net. two goals. the coach said, thank god marta is brazilian. >> tonight is your game day? >> we've got gio gonzalez on game day. and the all-star game will never be the same after gio hits arizona. he's a family guy and a real pleasure. >> we'll tune in 11:35. well, after two years, students about to go on trial in espionage charges. now the summer is here.
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what is the proper way to behave at the pool or beach? we weigh in on this. i'm kidding. what a new survey describes as the bad beach behavior coming up. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. 60 minutes is next. of course you can find your latest news and weather on have a great night. [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points.
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